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News: Upozorenje za sve članove
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Author Topic: Diplomac graduate exercise held  (Read 5854 times)
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« on: June 30, 2011, 03:40:03 pm »

Diplomac graduate exercise held


Male and female cadets in the military performed their practice test by carrying out “Diplomac” exercise today at the training ground "Pasuljanske meadows" in Cuprija.

In the presence of Defense Minister Dragan Sutanovac, Chief of General Staff General Miloje Miletic, head of the Military Academy, Brigadier General Mladen Vuruna and members of the corps, Foreign military attaches accredited in Serbia and a delegation of Military Academy of the Czech Republic, Greece, Egypt, Turkey, Belgium and the Netherlands, as lieutenants, in complex weather conditions, showed a high level of competence for the duties of commander which they will assume in several months.

Congratulating the cadets and officers who participated in the exercises, and the Chief of Staff, Sutanovac said that this is only the culmination of an exercise that lasted for a month.

* Diplomac 2011_1.JPG (215.52 KB. 1024x683 - viewed 216 times.)

- In real weather conditions we witnessed the most complex military exercise performed by members of the Army of Serbia and the MA , with the largest number of people and technology seen to date, as the minister said and stressed that the exercise had been carried out successfully.

 - The Army is trained in all conditions to perform the tasks defined by law. I am honored to say that this generation has for the first time seen female cadets are girls who will become part of the command staff since September, which another example of all encompassing reforms of the defense system, which are particularly important in the field of education and training, said Minister of Defence. Furthermore, as he noted, the Military Academy thus proves to be one of the most elite military academies in the region, and what we saw today is not far behind from what is performed at the most prestigious military academies.

General Miletic said that “Diplomac 2011" was an excellent exercise in which cadets of the Military Academy have confirmed their practical skills.

- This is just one segment of our schooling systems proving that cadets have adequate qualification for what they do. Those with the most responsible duties in General Staff are actively involved in education and the work of the MA, Miletic said, adding that he was looking forward to the seeing the participants of today's exercises in the units.

* Diplomac 2011_2.jpg (148.69 KB. 1024x683 - viewed 199 times.)

 The exercise started with the offensive of the enemy’s artillery, after which the reconnaissance forces of "the red team" began the onset of the marching order. Our forces responded with fire from 20 mm guns mounted on M80 infantry combat vehicles and 120 mm mortars.

 The onslaught of opposing forces required the engagement of antitank weapons, and the cadets began to launch 9K11 missiles moving on to use 82 mm mortars and 152 mm howitzers. There was a response of enemy artillery at the front line of our defense in the area of Dobre vode which is why the commander gave the order to attack the enemy's artillery using 152 mm howitzers, 84mm mortars and 120mm and M84 tanks.

In order to stop the attack, the infantry emerged from the shelter and took positions and began to use grenade launchers, machine guns and sniper rifles. Enemy forces were presented as the remote-control targets .

The combined engagement of infantry, artillery and armored units of the first group neutralized enemy’s artillery, followed by a powerful attack on their positions.

The engagement of M84 tanks and 120 mm artillery antitank weapons Maljutka and Fagot was particularly interesting for observers.

* Diplomac 2011_3.JPG (130.94 KB. 1024x683 - viewed 208 times.)

Cadets about the exercise

At the exercise "Diplomac", female cadet sergeant major Mirjana Borovina was commander of the technical services as a specialist for ordnance. Cadets of the technical services in the exercise "Diplomac" developed a station for supply and maintenance consisting of sections for supplying engine and ordnance.

- It was our wish to show what the logistics system does. We were on work point 2, where we presented the rear of our forces demonstrated how the support system of the army works, as Borovina pointed out..

Cadet Sergeant Nikola Perovic, station commander for the managing of the logistics support station, managing the work sections tasked with maintenance of weapons, moto technics section for maintenance of means of communication and electronics.

- Our role in the exercise "Diplomac" was a technical support to the basic units in basic maintenance, undergoing first and second technical overhaul, and in the technical maintenance support units.

For cadet sergeant Sasa Stefanovic, who was in charge of command of tank platoon, this exercise in addition to enabling him to apply what he learned at the Military Academy, was also significant because it was closely related to the topic of his thesis - a tank platoon in attack with tactical warhead to the target practice exercise.

I was commander of the tank platoon at the tactical live shooting exercise. My role was to organize the life and work of vehicles and providing enough ammunition in the area intended for shooting, ready to report on the regiment’s readiness to perform. At the given signal, we launched an attack on enemy positions. Then we took position in sheltered and provided support to introducing third and fourth tank regiments into the attack. These two platoons then set out to pursue the enemy. This exercise is for me is the pinnacle of my education at the Military Academy, enabling us to apply all gained knowledge and practical practicing we had to in training grounds during the training at the Military High School and Military Academy as Cadet Sasa Stefanovic remarked.

Cadet, Sergeant 1st Class Marko Cetanovic was the commander of the first mechanized platoon.

* Diplomac 2011_4.jpg (119.49 KB. 1024x683 - viewed 221 times.)

-The task of my regiment was to launch counter-attack as means of defense. We left from the targeted region at the beginning of the exercise, then took positions for defense and directed by the signals and the procedures employed by the second mechanized regiment we started moving towards the support firing position, after which with the tank company of the counter-attack we moved into counter-attack.

Cadet Sergeant Major Hornjak Slobodan, commander of mechanized platoon was in the position of securing combat.

- After spotting the start of the enemy’s attack, my task was to report to the commander of the battle group at whose signal we started retreating towards the marked region. I was chosen to perm this duty because my graduate paper is titled "Mechanized platoon providing combat security", which is why I regard the exercise as a practical defense of my thesis.

* Diplomac 2011_5.JPG (168.19 KB. 1024x683 - viewed 201 times.)

Cadet Sergeant Major Rajko Gujancic, as part of the CBRD system, was engaged radiological decontamination of tanks, of weapons and technical equipment in the area intended for decontamination of weapons and technical means. He performed this duty with six of his colleagues.

Cadet Sergeant First Class Milos Ristic, assigned to Engineering units, the exercise "The Graduate" was the commander of Engineer water.

-Tasks of our platoon at the exercise Diplomac were building two fugas, marking the frontlines of our defense lines, providing combat security and an imitation device to simulate flying, and artillery.

For Milos this exercise was a unique opportunity to combine knowledge from all four years of the military academy, and verify his practical skills.

Cadet Sergeant First Class Goran Novakovic, commander of the shooting company consisting of two sections of mortars, launched shooting upon enemy lines thus creating conditions of other units to perform their respective tasks. On that occasion the company shooting group fired about thirty missiles.

Cadet Sergeant First Class Nenad Kusatora, of the infantry was an observer at the Command where he reviewed the documents prepared for execution, organization and course exercises.

-My role in the exercise was related to my thesis concerning the battle of the document to be used in an Infantry Company at the time of carrying out combat operations and related activities of staff to perform the exercises. In preparation for carrying out exercises, I worked as a commander of shooting water at the tactical exercises targeting the battlefield - and the onset of solving problems in a direct situation. Exercise such as "The Graduate" is the culmination of training and the coronation of my education and years of training at the Military Academy.


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