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Author Topic: Question about Partizan Naval Battles during WWII  (Read 33287 times)
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« Reply #30 on: November 03, 2013, 04:10:26 pm »

Sorry for the break.

Here what i've collected for November 1943:

 "  4.november-2 patrol boats attacked MSB Marija and MSB Naprijed in Hvar`s channel that sailed from Metkovic to Split   "
(from forum)
Being on patrol at night line 3 / 4. NB-9 November "Biokovac" south
from Makarska clashed with enemy sailing ship to sail the
Makarska. On the enemy ship opened fire from all weapons. After
short and fierce battles enemy ship was lost in the darkness. NB-9 "Biokovac"
was damaged by the hits on the superstructure and decking, CTS slightly wounded commander.
According to German data, the enemy ship was wounded six moranara
 and one officer. Upon entering the holes in the lining Drasnice shut the crew
marine resources.

(can't remember this source, maybe this same forum).
So basically this engagement was between NB-9 Biokovac  vs MSB Marija and Naprijed.
But from the second description (not 100% clear to me) seems that it was only the partisan boat that took causalties (1 to 6 WIA)
It's however confirmed it was NB-9 involved? and who was the other unit?

5/6 november- in front of Drace harbour PC-61 Udar  after serious battle that included close combat and use of hand granates, forced to retreat MSB Sv.Franjo that transported German troops from Metkovic to Peljesac, German losses were 8 KIA,5 WIA.
Already seen before issue with this engagement that seems have a "twin" one on October, possibly due some mistake on date it's correct or October or November.

11.november- in Srednji channel patrol boats PC-21 Miran and PC-22 Streljko damaged MSB armed with MGs and mortar
Other source:
"...returned to Podgora
 and continued patrolling. In the Neretva Channel, he met with the two hostile
motor sailing vessel with which he led battle. However, enemy ships
were stronger and they could not capture, and with it has already begun to dawn, and NB-9
»Biokovac" sailed in Gradac one wounded sailors. "
Once again it's not clear if the enemy suffered damage&causalities, while partisans suffered 1 WIA

13.november- in air attack damaged patrol boat Partizan 3 and tuna-ship, both were later captured by assault boat and cruiser Niobe,Losinj channel
The official German KTB gives the success at "Cattaro" and torpedo boat "TA-21", saying they "captured several auxiliary sailing vessels that were trying to fled",   among prisoners were also 8 British.

28 November 1943
A not seen event on online source.
The German KTB officially claim that during the nigth the motor torpedo boat S-61 captured and blew up an "auxiliary sailing vessel" 20 miles west of Zara.
No cargo, was sailing to souht.
I guess could have been some supporting boat, or even a civilian one not involved in fight.

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« Reply #31 on: December 10, 2013, 02:33:20 pm »

Hello back! After some delays due study i've attempted to find some explains for the PC-61 attack against Sv.Franjo (if it happened on October or November).
Reading the German KTB it's reports operations at Split for October, while in November there were operations at Dubrovnik (that's southern and more closer to Peljesac). I've failed to find reports of direct operations at Peljesac but considering the position (and that direct landing were reported at Dubrovnik in November), i GUESS it's more probable that the clash between PC-61 against Sv.Franjo occurred on 5/6 November (and not 5/6 October).

Moreover the German KTB say clearly that the convoy of 2 Siebel armed ferries and 7 I-boats sailing to Dubrovnik was shelled from the closer Mljet island on the November operation, with one Siebel that was damaged by splinters.

Another confirmation came from the 4 November entry: mopping up operations are reported in Peljesac


Some other events in December 1943

German KTB war  diary: page 126 december 1943:   "1 croatian officer escaped report of cutter captured on voyage during night of 2 December."
Supply cutter was on his way from Zara to Sibenic
it's left unclear how and by who the cutter was captured (ground forces? or some naval action?)
The closest thing i've found was an entry on the axishistory forum that said:
"2.december-in Vinisce near Trogir partisans destroyed stranded German boat AZ 3 "

8.december- from Pag island and Prizma SS Istok attacked with small arms fire
This is the entry on axishistory forum, but according the same German KTB:
"supply ship Isto strafed by machine-gun fire."
The ship was reached by the partisan fire, not just attacked.

8/9 December
Already seen capture of MSB Jadro by partisan boats  NB- Biokovac and PC-54 Turist

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« Reply #32 on: April 08, 2014, 06:04:06 pm »

Hello, sorry for the long delay due study..

Someone is up to keep on this discussion? I've managed to take a look on other German KTBs
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« Reply #33 on: August 12, 2015, 07:51:11 am »

Hello! It's a long time I've visited the forum last...

Someone who read these pages (or have info and data about the questions left open) can give an help about the most mysterious stuff?
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