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Author Topic: Question about Partizan Naval Battles during WWII  (Read 46222 times)
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« Reply #30 on: November 03, 2013, 04:10:26 pm »

Sorry for the break.

Here what i've collected for November 1943:

 "  4.november-2 patrol boats attacked MSB Marija and MSB Naprijed in Hvar`s channel that sailed from Metkovic to Split   "
(from forum)
Being on patrol at night line 3 / 4. NB-9 November "Biokovac" south
from Makarska clashed with enemy sailing ship to sail the
Makarska. On the enemy ship opened fire from all weapons. After
short and fierce battles enemy ship was lost in the darkness. NB-9 "Biokovac"
was damaged by the hits on the superstructure and decking, CTS slightly wounded commander.
According to German data, the enemy ship was wounded six moranara
 and one officer. Upon entering the holes in the lining Drasnice shut the crew
marine resources.

(can't remember this source, maybe this same forum).
So basically this engagement was between NB-9 Biokovac  vs MSB Marija and Naprijed.
But from the second description (not 100% clear to me) seems that it was only the partisan boat that took causalties (1 to 6 WIA)
It's however confirmed it was NB-9 involved? and who was the other unit?

5/6 november- in front of Drace harbour PC-61 Udar  after serious battle that included close combat and use of hand granates, forced to retreat MSB Sv.Franjo that transported German troops from Metkovic to Peljesac, German losses were 8 KIA,5 WIA.
Already seen before issue with this engagement that seems have a "twin" one on October, possibly due some mistake on date it's correct or October or November.

11.november- in Srednji channel patrol boats PC-21 Miran and PC-22 Streljko damaged MSB armed with MGs and mortar
Other source:
"...returned to Podgora
 and continued patrolling. In the Neretva Channel, he met with the two hostile
motor sailing vessel with which he led battle. However, enemy ships
were stronger and they could not capture, and with it has already begun to dawn, and NB-9
»Biokovac" sailed in Gradac one wounded sailors. "
Once again it's not clear if the enemy suffered damage&causalities, while partisans suffered 1 WIA

13.november- in air attack damaged patrol boat Partizan 3 and tuna-ship, both were later captured by assault boat and cruiser Niobe,Losinj channel
The official German KTB gives the success at "Cattaro" and torpedo boat "TA-21", saying they "captured several auxiliary sailing vessels that were trying to fled",   among prisoners were also 8 British.

28 November 1943
A not seen event on online source.
The German KTB officially claim that during the nigth the motor torpedo boat S-61 captured and blew up an "auxiliary sailing vessel" 20 miles west of Zara.
No cargo, was sailing to souht.
I guess could have been some supporting boat, or even a civilian one not involved in fight.

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« Reply #31 on: December 10, 2013, 02:33:20 pm »

Hello back! After some delays due study i've attempted to find some explains for the PC-61 attack against Sv.Franjo (if it happened on October or November).
Reading the German KTB it's reports operations at Split for October, while in November there were operations at Dubrovnik (that's southern and more closer to Peljesac). I've failed to find reports of direct operations at Peljesac but considering the position (and that direct landing were reported at Dubrovnik in November), i GUESS it's more probable that the clash between PC-61 against Sv.Franjo occurred on 5/6 November (and not 5/6 October).

Moreover the German KTB say clearly that the convoy of 2 Siebel armed ferries and 7 I-boats sailing to Dubrovnik was shelled from the closer Mljet island on the November operation, with one Siebel that was damaged by splinters.

Another confirmation came from the 4 November entry: mopping up operations are reported in Peljesac


Some other events in December 1943

German KTB war  diary: page 126 december 1943:   "1 croatian officer escaped report of cutter captured on voyage during night of 2 December."
Supply cutter was on his way from Zara to Sibenic
it's left unclear how and by who the cutter was captured (ground forces? or some naval action?)
The closest thing i've found was an entry on the axishistory forum that said:
"2.december-in Vinisce near Trogir partisans destroyed stranded German boat AZ 3 "

8.december- from Pag island and Prizma SS Istok attacked with small arms fire
This is the entry on axishistory forum, but according the same German KTB:
"supply ship Isto strafed by machine-gun fire."
The ship was reached by the partisan fire, not just attacked.

8/9 December
Already seen capture of MSB Jadro by partisan boats  NB- Biokovac and PC-54 Turist

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« Reply #32 on: April 08, 2014, 06:04:06 pm »

Hello, sorry for the long delay due study..

Someone is up to keep on this discussion? I've managed to take a look on other German KTBs
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« Reply #33 on: August 12, 2015, 07:51:11 am »

Hello! It's a long time I've visited the forum last...

Someone who read these pages (or have info and data about the questions left open) can give an help about the most mysterious stuff?
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« Reply #34 on: July 21, 2019, 04:44:59 pm »

After some talks with Motorista on PM, i think it can be useful to share some extra data gathered. There are a number of potentially interesting clashes and skirmishes involving Partisans vs occupation forces that have been poorly described on usual open sources internet and apparently not particularly explored either in local sources. I would like to start with an attempted list of all enemy crafts/boats either sunk or seized by Partisan boats in actions.

The actions involve also seizures by parties from Partisan boats, landed on shore.  

List by order of importance/size.

Sorry in advance by possible typo mistakes. Comments/questions/corrections/opinions are welcome!


Military/armed targets:  10 sinking/seizures.

27/Apr/44 Anti-partisan ship Anton ; by PC-2 Skampo and PC-4 Junak (Seizure - disembarked sailors). Note: become NB-11 Crvena zvijezda.

31/Dec/43 Minelayer Pasman; by NB-3 Jadran (Scuttled - disembarked sailors). Note: most prominent warship by rating/importance on transfer to Croatian Navy. Actual scuttling on 5 January. 24 Germans and 4 Croats POWs.

20/Dec/43 Armed boat HZ-8; by PC-53 Zora (Seizure). Note: action also involved small boats, PC-41 Napredak, PC-42 and PC-43 Napred; Partisan artillery and British MTB -649 motor torpedo boat. Boat become NB-1 Krava.

20/Dec/43 Armed boat HZ-9; by PC-53 Zora (Seizure). Note: action also involved small boats, PC-41 Napredak, PC-42 and PC-43 Napred; Partisan artillery and British MTB -649 motor torpedo boat. Boat become NB-2 Koca.

18/Mar/44 Assault boat KJ-10; by NB-1 Krava and NB-6 Napredak (Seizure). Note: become PC-75-I Annie with unclear fate, possibly sunk on 12/April/44 by friendly fire air attack

24/Jan/44 Tug Costante; by PC-1 Jadran and PC-3 Skampo (Scuttled). Note: tug grounded. Crew captured.

18/Dec/43 Landing craft SF-193; by PC-1 Jadran and PC-3 Skampo (Scuttled/destroyed). Note: shared success, forced to ground by British MTB-637. Partisans attacked from ground. Germans suffered 6 KIA, 11 MIA, 29 rescued. Craft destroyed and cargo lost (24tons of fuel, 800 lifejackets). De-facto second largest officially designed warship sunk by action of Partisan Navy, after Pasman.

24/Dec/43 Unidentified landing craft; by PC-64 Neutralni (Sunk). Note: German KTB indicate two landing boats lost during lading in Korcula Island. So-far only scant details over the whole incidient.

27/Dec/44 Unidentified assault boat; by PC-24 Marjan (Sunk). Note: scarce details.

17/Dec/44 Unidentified "Linse" assault craft; by transport "Lahor" (Seizure). Note: unclear incident. 1 German died on unclear circumstance (shot by partisan or killed by other German officer)

Transport/Supply boats: 25 sinking/seizures

8/Dec/43 Croat boat "Jadro"; by NB-9 Biokovac (Seizure). Note: cargo of 90tons of food. 31 POW.

9/Dec/43 Croat boat "Sv. Nikola"; by NB-6 Napredak (Seizure). Note: cargo:?

9/Oct/44 Aux.boat "Angelina"; NB-13 Partizan and  PC-2 Makola (Sunk). Note: armed boat sunk in gunnery battle. 3 KIA, 9 POW. NB-13 had 2 WIA.

9/Oct/44 Aux.boat "Adriana"; NB-13 Partizan and  PC-2 Makola (Seizure). Note: captured after sinking of "Angelina".

27/Feb/44 Transport boat "Haraelis"; by PC-2 Makola and PC-3 Skampo (Seizure). Note: alongside "Maria Jose" carried troops (120 POW). Note: according a German source she was possibly named "Zara-1" and on tow of Maria Jose. Casualties list also reported as 12 KIA, 24 WIA (captured), and other 95 POWs.

27/Feb/44 Transport boat "Maria Jose"; by PC-2 Makola and PC-3 Skampo (Seizure). Note: alongside "Haraelis" carried troops (120 POW). Note:  according a German source, she was possibly named "Maria Rose". Casualties list also reported as 12 KIA, 24 WIA (captured), and other 95 POWs.

29/Jul/44 boat "Felice"; by PC-2 Makola and PC-4 Junak (Seizure)

28/Feb/44 boat "Giuseppe Cesario", by PC-22 Streljko (Seizure)

6/Apr/44 boat "San Antonio", by PC-21 Marjan and PC-22 Streljko (Seizure)

22/Apr/44 boat "Giuliana", by PC-21 Marjan and PC-22 Streljko (Seizure)

22/Apr/44 boat "Emilia", by PC-21 Marjan and PC-22 Streljko (Seizure)

(Note: following victims occurred before 8 September 1943, during Italian occupation):

1/Jan/43 boat "Europa", by unidentified patrol boat (Seizure). Note: become Partisan patrol boat "Partizan" lost by Italian seaplane on February

22/Jan/43 boat "Giuditta", by unidentified patrol boat (Scuttled)

22/Mar/43 boat "Maria Luisa", by unidentified patrol boat (Scuttled). Note: attacked alongside "Renato".

22/Mar/43 boat "Renato", by unidentified patrol boat (Scuttled). Note: attacked alongside "Maria Luisa".

14/Apr/43 boat "Africano", by unidentified patrol boat (Seizure)

21/Jul/43 unidentified boat, by unidentified patrol boat (Seizure)

23/May/42 boat "Mira", by unidentified fishing boat (Seizure)

11/Aug/42 boat "Dux", by unidentified fishing boat (Seizure)

18/Nov/42 unidentified boat, by unidentified fishing boat (Seizure)

31/Dec/42 boat "Istok", by two unidentified fishing boats (Seizure). Note: possibly the multiple successes of 31/Dec/42 scored by boat "Pionir"?)

31/Dec/42 boat "Madre Giovanna", by two unidentified fishing boats (Seizure)

31/Dec/42 boat "Otac Vladimir", by two unidentified fishing boats (Seizure)

31/Dec/42 boat "Zdravlje", by two unidentified fishing boats (Seizure)

31/Dec/42 boat "Sveti Ante", by two unidentified fishing boats (Seizure)

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« Reply #35 on: July 21, 2019, 05:24:03 pm »

Mozda ovo koristi:

[ Attachment: You are not allowed to view attachments ]

Imama par dobrih knjiga na tu temu ali nisam doma. Kad se vratim pogledat cu pa mozda bude od neke koristi

* jubileji-partizanska-ratna-mornarica.pdf (298.75 KB - downloaded 38 times.)
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« Reply #36 on: July 22, 2019, 10:24:22 am »

Thank you very much for the contribution! From the text it appears clear that the "first" Fleet (late 1942 - fall 1943) included three boats and not two ("Pionir", "Partizan" and "Proletar"). Origin of "Proletar" are not much clear, i suspect could be the boat "Giuditta" captured on 22 January 1943 but maybe it was something else.

Also from the file it is clear how it was "Pionir" responsable for the multiple seizures occurred on 31 December 1942, and the single seizure of 1 January 1943 (boat "Europa", become "Partizan").
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« Reply #37 on: May 30, 2020, 09:43:32 am »

I guess it's better writing here, hoping to find people knowing more of the subject. Recently i came across some interesting lines of text concerning the passage of ships and boats from the exiled Yugoslavian Royal Navy to the Partisan Yugoslavian Navy. While most ships were transfered around August 1945 (so after the end of hostilities) one detail it's this:

On 7 March 1945, the king dissolved the government and disbanded the armed forces, proclaiming Tito's Partisans on the ground to be the sole legitimate government and military. In March 1945, all Royal Yugoslav vessels assembled at Ancona in preparation for the handover to Tito's forces, which occurred in August.
So... first of all the Royal Navy was nominally dissolved at that date, while this probably left the ships in a sort-of "limbo", there is a couple of war episodes happend AFTER this date.

In mid-March 1945 2nd squad received orders to return from Livorno to Malta. Previously, the British decided that all eight ships cede RM NLA. Crews were given the choice - or to voluntarily join the NLA and return to Yugoslavia, or to accept exile. After the royalists abandoned ships, 4 Higgins and yacht "White Eagle", renamed "mountain" under the new Yugoslav flags were sent to Ancona, with a mission to combat cooperation in operations liberation of the Dalmatian coast. During April, the remaining 4 ships joining battalion in Ancona for the first time actively cooperate with the partisan forces during the attack on the island of Rab and Krk. Meanwhile, members of the unit who had remained loyal to the royal crown, were transferred from Malta to Alexandria, where they are discharged from active service.

These lines seems to indicate that Indeed the "Beli Orao" support ship and four (later all) of the "Higgins" PT-201,204,207, 208, 209, 211, 213 and 217 indeed OPERATED for the Partisan Navy since April 1945!   First questions: it is known exactly which crafts first joined in March and which during April?
There are known details of the Higgins operations in April around Rab and Krk islands?

I may guess the crafts retained the old American names, rather than having already the "MTP-1 to MTP-8" official early Yugoslavian naming, likely assigned only in August 1945

Personally i think to have found a single surface action that involved these crafts:
(German text 1)
- 17./18.04.1945 Angriff des brit. MTB 409 auf einen Verband mit 3 MFP und 5 Leichtern bei Umago (südl. Triest.). Ein MFP wird mit Torpedos versenkt. Einen 2. Anlauf unternehmen 2 jugosl. MGB 217 und 207, letzteres wird durch Abwehrfeuer des Gegners beschädigt (1 Toter). Der Angriff wird daraufhin abgebrochen.[2]
(German text 2):
16./17.04.1945 Britisches MTB 409 (zusammen mit den jugosl. Booten PC 217 und 207) torpediert bei Umago (Istrien) einen Verband von 3 MFP und 5 Leichtern, und versenkt 1 MFP. In einem 2. Anlauf liefern sich die jugoslawischen Boote ein Gefecht mit den MFP. Auf PC 207 Treffer und Verwundete, woraufhin sich die jugosl. Boote zurückziehen.[2]

Contrary to the British claim, no German MFP is so-far reported sunk or damaged in action. The overhall actions seems a British-Yugoslavian failure, even if obviously it was just a minor skirmish, even if costed the life of 1 seaman.

I have found a further British description of the event that seems however contraddictory!
Back in action, Holloway distinguished himself when on 16 April 1945, as flotilla commanding officer of the 28th in HM MTB 409, he attacked a convoy of German E-boats ("Enemy war motor boats") and barges, sinking one of them. He had to take special care since he had under his command two Royal Yugoslav Navy motor gunboats and was under orders not to let their crews be captured by their opponents, the partisans of Marshal Tito. The MTBs worked with both these factions, Tito's men often serving as ship's pilots. In the same week, on 11 April, Holloway had been one of the skippers, in three MTBs under Charles Jerram, who sank five heavily armoured Flak lighters (cargo and troop-carriers with anti-aircraft guns) with six torpedoes, each MTB having only two.

I suspect this line of text came out after some subsequent Cold-War era writing: the line is questionable because de-facto the Yugoslavian Royal Navy was no more, and the British (and the King) seems to endorse the transfer. Moreover the text include abundant over-claim that cannot be fully proved.

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« Reply #38 on: July 04, 2020, 10:07:58 pm »

Again sorry for my new message in english-only, but i think to have found traces of an incident that i would like to understand better.

Br. 207. 10. V. At our headquarters found P.O.S. lazi se kap. Lorimer with 4 soldiers and 2 radio stations, Major Braumont Onesbitt with one lieutenant and one frigate lieutenant, Capt. Ramsay, one amer. lieutenant with one Yugoslav non-commissioned officer, amer. Lieutenant Rourke with 3 Yugoslavs. All of these except Lorimer and their group are returning to Vis tonight. Today received over r. stations from Krk notice that the 6th V is our strike group on Krk. in Omišalj, sank the steamship Plav. 392 of the Legionary Division, No. 39 14, k. 18 in the Archives of the Historical Institute of the JNA.)
Also in Italian
Le navi armate della Marina partigia-na conseguirono un successo la sera del 6 maggio mandando a fondo il pi-roscafo Albona a Omisalj (Veglia).

The big issue/point of interest it's which Partisan crafts NB/PC engaged the boat (or ship? from description seems indeed a relatively bigger steamship) "Albona".
Or maybe it was an attack committed by ground forces with artillery rom the island? I found no possible connection with the old list of Jugoslavian actions i had on 6 May 1944.
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« Reply #39 on: July 05, 2020, 06:26:05 am »

Za Plav:

U luci Omišalj (na o. Krku) udarna grupa 1. udarne brigade 13. divizije NOVJ potopila nemački parobrod -Plav- a posadu zarobila.
Datum: 6. 5. 1944. (napomena: neki datumi su okvirni)
Oblast: Dalmacija
Izvor: Hronologija narodnooslobodilačkog rata 1941-1945
Oznake: Omiš ★ Krk ★ Borbe na Jadranu 1944. ★ Borbe u Hrvatskoj 1944. ★
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« Reply #40 on: July 05, 2020, 09:23:06 am »

Thank you very much Perun! So it was clearly an assault by ground forces and not a naval engagements.
I didn't know that site! I will eventually explore it more, in search of other naval events
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« Reply #41 on: July 05, 2020, 10:12:23 am »

No problem mate
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« Reply #42 on: December 28, 2020, 01:03:45 pm »

Greetings, i am in the process (thanks these winter holidays) to finish the reading of all the Partisan Adriatic sea naval documents, and i've found plenty of interesting information, both extra details and descriptions of the main naval clashes (casualties, damages, cargo seized etc) both some fixes and corrections and different data reported from some of the few Serbian/Croatian sources that write about Partisan boats during WW2.

I would like to find some other interested users to make a confrontation in english, or simply write here maybe?

Also i quite troubled to find absolutely little data concerning the partisan riverine activities on Danube river from November 1944 to the end of the War. I've found multiple references of the existances of naval formations, but no data on exact boats/crafts used, captured etc.

I have found Partisan documents of Srem (1945) and the whole period of fall 1944 in Vojvodini/Novi Sad region, but it's quite lots of stuff and would like to single-out riverine activities!
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« Reply #43 on: January 23, 2021, 02:00:48 pm »

Well, i finished reading the files. and I've gathered a big amount of data and information that differentiate from usual descriptions. Here the full list of differences/changes from other pages i found (I've also to say that all the captures and fights of known boats are very well detailed and described!).

I've completed the reading of the three pdf files i received and while tons of different encounters, seizure and skirmishes receive extra information and details, there are some data that fix or variate from the ones commonly found online or in literature: here a "brief" list.

Interestingly, i remember few years ago an user who was interested in Italian NAP armed vessels activity, and something surfaced on this.

Some comfirmed Italian victories on partisans: 2 boats (likely ex-fishing boats) shelled and sunk on 6/Jan/43 by T-5 torpedo boat and small minelayers Ugliano and Pasman. Sinking of partisan-controlled transport boat "Padre Felice" by small minelayer Ugliano on 22/Jan/43

Loss of Italian transport boat "Antonietta B." by partisans on a fishing boat on 25/Feb/43

Loss of partisan transport boat "Maria" by Italian armed vessel NAP-2 on 20/Mar/43

Surrender of the partisan boat "Mia Sant'Anna" on 20/Mar/43

Loss of partisan armed launch "Partizan" by Italian armed vessels NAP-24 and MB-9 on 1/May/43: NOTE some sources wrongly indicate the loss on 1944!! But docuents clearly indicate the more reasonable 1943 year.

Capture of a boat by partisan navy on 21/Jul/43 MAYBE related to loss of Ustasha tug "Rudnik".

Capture of a Chetnik-controlled small tanker on 27/Sept/43 by transport boats "Lev" and "Makarska" possibly ex-Italian Emilia.

Italian torpedo boat Missori  capturing a partisan boat on 6/Oct/43 put in doubt, the torpedo boat was actually in a very confused situation due Italy armistice.

PC-21 and PC-22 claim of damaged enemy boat on 11/Nov/43 also seems uncomfirmed.

Loss of "Jela" transport boat off Bari by mine from U-453 on 20/Nov/43: she was actually a Partisan-controlled ship, not exile Royalist.

Starting from November 1943, some German S-boats claims on Partisan boats should be put in doubt: in many case there is no evidence on Partisan documents and it's possible they attacked simply civilian fishing boats or local transports or smugglers unrelated to Partisans. At the same time, at least two incidents of Partisan boats claiming damage on enemy steamers in 1943 likely caused no effect.

Loss of Siebel craft SF-193 on 17/18 December 1943, usually just claimed to MTB-637, but actually crew of PC-2 Macola also contributed and captured the crew: interestingly the Partisan documents indicate the craft as a "Maona" motor barge, and indicate she was recovered and used! However the document seems to not give her great importance, possibly she was not recognized as a military vessel or was simply stripped off weapons and used as a transport barge.

Loss of PC-67 Kerc fully confirmed by Partisan documents, on 27/Dec/43 by air raids alongside other boats.

Loss of PC-60-II Vjekoslava fully confirmed by Partisan documents on 28/Dec/43 by air raid

Claim of capture of enemy boat by unidentified Partisan boats on 8/Jan/44 likely wrong and related to recovery of a small boat used by spies

Loss of transport "Marjia" by German S-36 and S-55 on 9/Jan/44 first confirmed transport boat lost by German surface raid: a similar ship reportedly lost in 1945 was likely a mistake.

The claim of German assault boats on two Partisan transports on 16/Jan/44 fully confirmed: they sunk "Sretan-II" and "Dobaroctar" a similar claim three days later have no Partisan confirmed loss (maybe civilian fishing boats).

On 25/Jan/44, PC-1 and PC-3 destroyed tug "Costante" (not "Constante" as wrongly named in Partisan documents).

Loss of PC-66 Proletar was actually a separate incident from loss NB-10 Sloga: six days earlier.

On 28/Feb/43 PC-22 destroyed boat "Giuseppe Cesira" (not "Giuseppe Cesario" as reported sometimes), interestingly American telegraphists transported onboat the patrol boat took active part in the capture.

Loss of PC-59 Lapad definitely caused by friendly fire from MTB-649 on 6/March/44

Loss of "PC-5" a commonly "missed" patrol boat from many lists, occurred on 23/March/44, often ignored because differently from other low-number (PC-1 to PC-6) she was extremely small and armed with 1 machinegun

Loss of PC-75 Annie (Ex-KJ-10) on 12 April 1944 by allied friendly-fire air attack is completely wrong. Partisan documents fully confirm her loss in September.
On 31/May/44, the small PC-76 "MC-22" was most likely destroyed by the German ground forces fire, rather than being captured (or heavily damage but likely not recovered).

 It was the defected Ustasha boat PT-79 on 22/Aug/44 that become partisan PC-79 (keeping same number), not a subsequent boat.

There is still some confusion for the losses on 29/Aug/44: original partisan documents at first indicate the loss of PC-45 Batos while PC-47 Sv.Nikola-I survived with damage, after enemy mortar fire. Later report switch the fate of the two boats (with PC-47 reported as lost): clearly there was a mistake in one of the two reports.

Loss of a (reportedly) partisan small boat with mail by two I-boats on 1/Sept/44 was possibly a small local craft used by some agents.

The seizure in harbor on 11/Sept/43 of a 6-meters motorboat by Partisan patrol boats not classified as a victory by the same partisan documents (likely because of her small size, no enemy onboard etc.)

Loss of PC-75 fully confirmed by partisans on 12/Sept/43

Loss of NB-13 Partizan occurred on 21/Oct/44, not 20 November.

Extra info of the clash occurred on 28/Dec/44 between PC-24 and motorboats in Sv.Peter harbor. According own German data actually one motorboat exploded and another suffered heavy damage. But there are no detailed accounts on the fight.

An interesting German assault with "Linse" explosive crafts against Split ended in a failure on 12 February 1945. Scarce details of human losses, but at least 3 explosive crafts hit by Allies and harbor defense.

Losses or damage to the small patrol boats PC-55 Partizan-II and PC-27-II Andjeljko respectively on 15/Feb/45 and 24/Feb/45 remain unconfirmed. No such data on Partisan documents.

A clash between BB-4 Topcider and patrol boat PC-24 Marjan versus German sturmboots type42 on 5/April/45, previously undescribed by many sources. 1 partisan killed, unclear effects on German side.

Contrary to many sources, describing all main ex-Royalist units joining the Navy only in August 1945, Partisan documents clearly describe corvette "Nada" performing a single escort mission in April 1945 escorting LCT from Vis Island to Sibenik. While she was clearly still in a burocratic "Limbo" some kind of coordination with the newly named (1 March) Yugoslavian Navy seems likely.

One known episode with Yugoslavian-manned "Higgins" boats on 17/18 April 1945 against German MFP convoy: still manned by nominally royalists despite the exiled Navy being disbanded and on verge to be absorbed by the neew Yugoslavian Navy. Actual fight was unsucessful (1 KIA and damage to one boat). Differently from the "Nada" mission, the two Higgins operated in close connection with Briths MTB, so seems likely they were under their strict control.

A MFP (F-971) sunk in Trieste harbor by mortar fire from partisans on 1/May/45

The very last surface skirmish occurred on 5/May/45 close Pola. NB-14 chased an unidentified German boat attempting to evacuate trapped troops.

One final Yugoslavian Navy victory occurred on 6/May/45 when PC-1 Jadran intercepted and captured the motorboat Remo (cargo of flour) attemtping to escape Trieste to west. Usually not recorded as a victory because the end of the war, she was fully regarded as a prize by the local command.
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« Reply #44 on: January 25, 2021, 05:53:03 pm »

  In the book Navy NOVOJ( Mornarica NOVOJ )  you have detailed actions that interest you. The author is Jovan Vasiljevic
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