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Dal mozda neko ima jos nekih podataka o ovim modifikacijama Sherman tenka?

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The Yugoslavians also got their hands onto the Sherman. The M-634 was a project using the V-2 engine from the T-34 in the Sherman, the new engine have the Sherman some extra horsepower and speed.

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Later the M-634 evolved into the SO-122 which changed the gun from a 75 mm gun to the Soviet A-19 122 mm gun.  The comfortability of the SO-122 is minimal, IIRC it has a whopping -2 degrees of depression.


Mislim da je bilo problema oko hlađenja motora.


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Yugoslavia, 1961, gun is 122mm A-19 but modified with vertical sliding breachblock.
520HP V-2R engine. No.19 radio station instead of SCR-528
Max speed changed from 42km/h to 50km/h. Fuel consummation lowered from 400 to 211l per 100km.Maneuverability on difficult terrain was somewhat reduced.

Gunsight was modified TSh-15 from SU-100.
In tests during 1962. gun showed lower penetration then 100mm D-10S and vehicle was reclassified from anti-tank vehicle to infantry support one, but it was not suitable for that role due the inability to use indirect fire (elevation was only +10/-2deg).
In 1966. development was officially stopped and prototype scrapped.

27-30 rounds of main gun ammo
1 x M1919A5 MG with 2250 rounds coaxial to main gun (not actually coax, it was capable of +20/-10 elevation/depression when uncoupled from main gun).
Bow MG was removed and storage used for ammo.
12.7mm AAMG with 300 rounds
Turret armot - 100mm front, 45-50mm sides.


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