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Author Topic: Royal Yugoslavia Coastal Defenses?  (Read 8495 times)
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« on: August 16, 2014, 08:51:23 am »

In Corrispondenza e direttive tecnico-operative di supermarina: pt. 1. Maggio 1939-luglio 1940 page 611

It says that Coastal defenses were
1 battery 305  - identified in Kotor
3 battery 240  - only one identified missing 2
8 battery 210 - only one , missing 7
1 battery 190 - identified in Sibenik
18 battery 150 - 4 in Kotor , 3 in Sibenik , missing 11 batteries
2 battery 120 - identified, one in Kotor another in Sibenik
5 battery 100  - one in Sibenik mssing 4
16 battery 90
2 battery 60
14 battery 80 (about 40 guns) - probably army or air defense guns

What i identified:

Kotor and around Kotor: Said to have 18 coastal batteries.
Battery of 2 305 Howitzers, near unknown battery of  4 120mm, battery of 70mm(66mm) in Land torpedo launcher.
Battery of 210 is referenced in Kotor but not more is said.
Battery Kozmac with two 240-mm L/40 Skoda near a Land torpedo launcher.
Batteria Arza(Orza) 4x 156 mm(156/50 probably)
Battery Platamone(Platamuni) 2x150
Battery Molunat with two 150-mm L/40
Battery Traste or Rat Kraste 3x150mm
Battery Tivat-Castelnuovo - 3x47mm  Hotchkiss 47 mm Mle 18xx

AAA batteries:
Rat Kociste (batterie) unknow gun but seems to be AA, Rat Puvalac (batterie) Face à Zelenika - unknow guns but probably AA, Caballa(Kabala) 4x76mm in 1990 - so probably also AA in WW2, Kotor, south  Herceg Novi.
Battery Grabovac- unknow guns.  AA battery at Mercevaz .

Kotor, batterie de Skaljari (Skagliari) - Unknow guns
Klinici near  Puvalac Island, 255 m. alt. emplacement for 4 guns.
Vermac(Tivat) emplacement for 4 guns.

Sibenik is  said to have

"Sibenik, the best defended port, apparently lacked land defenses to ward off an assault from Zara. It had fourteen coastal batteries, including one with two 280-mm howitzers near the old fortress,    and three batteries of 47-mm naval guns (four guns per battery) guarding the narrows. A battery of two 150-mm naval guns was in a commanding positions on Prvic Island. Two batteries of old 120-mm naval guns were southeast of the city. A battery of four 47-mm naval guns was on the northwest end of the island of Zlarin, and a battery of two 150-mm naval guns covered the coast near Zecevo. On the island of Zirje there was a battery of two 150-mm naval guns, and supporting it on the island of Kakan was a battery of two 190-mm naval guns and an army battery of four 100-mm guns.    Finally, another battery of four 47-mm naval guns on Logorun Island mounted its own searchlights."


Anyone can add more information?
Dubrovnik? Split defenses?

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