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Author Topic: FFX:Nove Južno Korejske fregate  (Read 959 times)
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« on: January 15, 2009, 08:01:05 pm »

Južno Korejska brodogradilišta su jedna od najboljih i najnaprednijih na svetu. Južno Korejska mornarica (ROK) je odlučna da očuva primat nad stalno prisutnom pretnjom od Severno Korejskih podmornica. Posle uvođenja novih
KDX-II razarača, KDX-III AEGIS razarača, LPX amfibijsko-jurišnih brodova i KSS-I/KSS-II (U209/U214) podmornica,
Na red su došle nove FFX fregate.......

FFX: Korea’s New Frigates


* shipff961rokschongjuulsbr8.jpg (37.84 KB. 640x382 - viewed 25 times.)

Late Ulsan Class

South Korea currently owns some of the world’s best and most advanced shipyards. The civilian strength is beginning to create military leverage, and recent years have seen the ROK take several steps toward fielding a true open-ocean, blue water navy. Their new KDX-II destroyers, KDX-III AEGIS destroyers, LPX amphibious assault ships, and KSS-I/KSS-II (U209/U214) submarines will give the nation growing clout on the international stage, but what about the home front? North Korea’s submarines continue to insert commandos in South Korean territory, its gunboats have launched surprise attacks on the ROK Navy twice in the last decade, and fishing rights have become a contentious issue with China and led to the murder of a Coast Guard official.

The FFX Class, and its Predecessors

* shipcorvetteroksnamwonpqn9.jpg (46.7 KB. 640x279 - viewed 25 times.)

Pohang Class ASW

The ROKN’s 9 small 2,200 – 2,300 ton Ulsan Class frigates were built in South Korea, and commissioned from 1981-1993. They are not designed to operate alone in high-threat areas, or to provide general fleet defense on the open seas. Instead, they are designed to serve as high-end coastal patrol vessels with a mix of anti-air (RIM-7 Sea Sparrow), anti-ship (guns, RGM-84 Harpoon), and anti-submarine capabilities. They carry a crew of 150.

Its 24 Pohang Class 1,220 ton patrol corvettes were commissioned from 1984-1993, and have no anti-air missile capabilities. They mount 76mm, 40mm, and 30mm guns like the Ulsan Class, and are divided into 4 anti-surface warfare versions with MBDA’s Exocet ant-ship missiles, but no sonar or torpedoes; and 20 anti-submarine versions with sonar and torpedoes, but no missiles. They carry a crew of 95.

The ROKN’s 4 low-end Dong Hae Class 1,000 ton patrol corvettes ere commissioned from 1982-1983. they are armed with guns, sonar, and torpedoes, and also carry a crew of 95.

The new FFX frigates will have a full displacement of 3,200 tons and a crew of 170, and will follow the modern pattern of stealthier ship designs with better radars, sonars, and communications equipment. Firepower will improve with a 127mm gun, RAM Mk 31 short-range anti-aircraft missiles, an embarked Westland Lynx helicopter, and a 30mm Thales Nederland “Goalkeeper’’ system for last-ditch missile defense and small boat overkill. Anti-ship missiles and light torpedoes will also be carried, as is the case with the current Ulsan Class.

* ordciws30mmgoalkeeperrofe7.jpg (73.94 KB. 640x407 - viewed 20 times.)

30mm Thales Nederland “Goalkeeper’’

This equipment set will provide a notable firepower upgrade over the current Ulsan Class, and its equipment and versatility will provide a very considerable upgrade indeed over the ROKN’s existing corvettes. The new frigates are expected to begin service in 2011, with the first 6 built and delivered by 2015. The ROK Navy intends to replace the Ulsan, Pohang, and Dong Hae classes by 2020.

Hence the FFX program, which aims to build upon lessons learned from shipbuilding programs during the 1980s and 1990s, and field a modern class of up 24-27 inshore patrol frigates that will replace 37 existing ships.


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