Royal Yugoslav navy Tankers
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Builder: Soc. Anon. John Cockerill, Hoboken, Antwerp  for Royal Yugoslav Navy

Captured and in use by Italians renamed Devoli, sunk 17 March 1943 by HMS Splendid (Lt. I.L.M. McGeogh, RN) , 6 nautical miles bearing 245 of Cape San Vito, Sicily, Italy.

It is in deep water at 140m but seems some got there
Unfortunately the link there doesn't work.

3,177 grt; 1,514 nett. 4500 ts, tp, 3177 BRT; 94,9×13,9×6,1 m; 2 SD., 1250 KM, 2 sr, 10 w; tr, / ; 4×40pl(probably Skoda 40/67), 2×12,7pl(maybe 15mm), 3000 tr; z. 100.

 DEVOLI-Perum.jpg (11.49 KB. 492x137 - viewed 349 times.)

Pictures found in Bundesarchive, i think it is Perun

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 athene-56alsuh84ug1ix6ge9ti_layout.jpg (15.64 KB. 500x336 - viewed 371 times.)

You are right ... it is Perun

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Thanks dreadnought.

One question, what was the rationale of a Tanker like this for the Navy. Supply between harbours? it seems too much able(read Oceanic) for that.
I really don't have accurate data ... To assume is, that the oiler is supposed to supply submarines in to the open sea ... and other ships as well ...

Perhaps for the case to increase the autonomy of the fleet in case of war ...
I suppose you don't know if they made any supplying training in open seas, maybe photos of Perun with fleet ?
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